About Us

CULA® Offers Life-Long Learning

CULA®’s mission is to offer an opportunity for experienced, mature-aged candidates to achieve their academic goals.  Individuals who, for whatever personal reason, wish to finish that degree program they either started, wanted to start, or could not make up their minds about earlier in their lives. Now, the opportunity is here. Established, experienced or retired persons may apply and receive a sensitive assessment to confirm the extent to which their study wishes can be matched to their experience level, their achievement level, their learning level, or just whether and to what extent a reasonable program of fun and friendly study is conveniently available and financially affordable. CULA® is dedicated to helping you achieve the goal of pursuing study of your choice, as a recreational activity during this phase of your later career or retirement life. Congratulations! We look forward to receiving your application.

Mission Statement

It is the mission of EMI, Inc [Evaluations and Management International, a 501(c)(3) organization] to provide avocational and recreational options to adults wishing to pursue guided, independent study. CULA® is available to all persons pursuing lifelong learning: retirees, athletes, officers, pensioners, entrepreneurs, artisans, actors, politicians, writers, researchers, educators, first responders, government alumni, physicians, grandparents, law enforcement personnel, entertainers or simply anyone who wants to learn or study anything. These and others may finally finish an appropriate program and receive a certificate through options we make available.

CULA® appreciates those who wish to undertake a program for fun, or for a sense of personal achievement. CULA® proudly offers traditional and nontraditional academic programs leading to bachelor, master, and doctorate degrees.

Our programs are simple, affordable, and stress-free.  Equally important, adult learners enjoy being “students” again, and some even mentor others by sharing their expertise.

The needs of our country and the world must be met as top priority, whether or not young women and young men can afford to pay tuition. Support for in-depth across-the-board skills and academic development is reflected in the history of CULA®.

Avocational and recreational options are offered everywhere Internet services are available to persons pursuing lifelong learning objectives. CULA® has a classroom in every internet connected computer in the world.

CULA® Alumni

When you are in touch with a graduate of CULA®, to be sure, you will have made contact with an experienced professional in his or her field. This person would have met all qualifying requirements as imposed by the finest educational institutions worldwide; and CULA®graduates favorably compare no matter where. CULA® founders hold undergraduate and graduate degrees from Antioch University, Cheyney University, Yale University, University of California and other well-endowed and prominent American universities. And, like these skilled individuals, CULA® alumni possess a tremendous amount of talent and expertise. We remain absolutely proud of you.

CULA® Graduates Are ‘Change Agents’ :

Some of the best known personalities who ever lived, and who live now are official and formal members of the CULA® worldwide family of degree-holding alumni.  And while you might be astounded by who they are, you would be equally appreciative that CULA®, on its own initiative, saw fit to recognize those individuals for their unique contributions to the betterment of life for all humans on the face of the earth.

Coretta Scott King, wife of The Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. was awarded CULA’s first ever Honorary Doctorate in 1976.  Ethel Kennedy, widow of Robert F. Kennedy, was the second woman so honored by CULA® with a Doctor of Humane Letters to help memorialize her fallen husband. The late, great President Nelson Mandela was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws degree in 1985, while he was still in his 27 years of prison confinement.  And, Muhammad Ali was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Humane Letters when he TKO’d the US Government when the US Supreme Court upheld his conscientious objection to “the Vietnamese War.”  Because many have asked, we share just these five identities; however, none of CULA’s ®honorees was more “private” than was Johnny Carson, “king of late night television, Doctor of Television Entertainment.”

CULA® is a registered trademark.

This means that anyone using our name, whether as a ‘compliment’ or as competitors, will need to do so with our written permission.
Thank you.

Henry L. N. Anderson, Ed.D., Ph.D.

CULA® Chancellor Emeritus