Agriculture, Environment, Remediation

The College of Agriculture, Environment, and Remediation focuses on countering the loss of farmland and young adults' lack of interest in being farmers.

CULA has farming projects in California, Alabama, and Mississippi. The projects differ by location and consist of:

  • Farmlands (AL, CA, MS) -Experienced facilitators, OJT and Accelerator Assistance.
  • Urban Gardens for access to food security; motivating youth.
  • Water Farms - Solar panels that harvest clean drinking water.

Growth Opportunities:

  • Organic food Mini-marts
  • Farm-life Retreats (weekends, 1-2 week get-aways)
  • Delivery (trucking to restaurants)
  • Delivery service to homebound, movie sets
  • TV show to inspire greater interest by young/college bound.

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