College of Health, Wellness & Medical R&D

An integrated, functional, and collaborative view of well-beingness and technology.

Conventional / Medical

Prescriptions Management & Education - Disease/Health I.D. & Medical Advice - 3-D Organs Manufacturing & Technologies; Nano-Biological Techs; Prosthetics; OJT and Accelerator funds.

Black Medicine Institute: To investigate, analyze, evaluate, and complete the research and/or development of new and/or reformulated drugs, vaccines, and other allopathic drugs, protocols, and recommendations tendered to Blahk people, their children, communities, and nations globally.

Traditional / Alternative

All credentialled /wholistic professionals; Oxidative therapies, mold testing; pain, weight-loss machines; IV therapies, gut healing, counseling / nutritional testing; OJT and Accelerator funds.

A Holistic Teaching Institute: A Holistic Coaching Program that certifies holistic coaches who can provide customized guidance and support in achieving wellness.

Whole Body Healing Centers: A wellness collaborative, staffed by multi-modalities practitioners. Preventative healthcare.

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