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As a part of the “Baby Boomer” generation you are invited to finally finish a degree, for which you qualify, through CULA programs designed just for you. © 2015 EMI, Inc.

"Home Study" is a viable alternative for adults and retirees around the world. For most, remaining at home while finally earning their degrees makes the educational process fun, recreational, and affordable. Motivated students, capable of benefiting from "guided, independent study" can and do achieve outstanding, personal, and even scholarly results.

Connected to the world

It does not matter where you live. CULA programs are designed for you, any place in the world. Send us an email and tell us about your qualifications and about the academic degree you’ll earn without leaving home or workplace. We are going to email back to you our proposal for your academic work as a student to achieve the degree you have in mind for Life Long Learning or personal goals. CULA is a perfect option for those who "know where they've been, where they are now, and where they want to go next!" So, if you feel right for CULA, more than likely CULA IS RIGHT FOR YOU! Just click on ENROLL to view the APPLICATION FORM.

Certification Programs

The CP Program goes the same process and after the verification of your expertise CULA certifies as to your professionalism. The diploma is very attractive and is helpful for professionals in their businesses and for their careers. Find out about what is available to you to match your expertise and level of interest. City university los angeles is first to declare its "boomer generation" mission © by cula 2015. Are you a member of the "baby boomer" generation? Were you born between 1945 and 1964? If so, you are a part of our targeted population. CULA is here to serve you. Learn more about Baby Boomer U HERE