THE MLK MULTIVERSITY Continuing the Legacy

Providing students with viable careers, certifications, education that prepares them for a rapidly changing world; and-without debt!

A multiversity includes both remedial instruction, competency and skills training as well as certifications in trades and specialities. The founder of CULA (Dr. Henry Anderson, Sr.) also founded a trade/vocational ed school called the MLK (Martin Luther King, Jr.) Multiversity in Los Angeles around 1980.

CULA aims to address the educational needs of all segments of society, from blue collar working people, to undereducated new parents, to entrepreneurs at all levels, to under-employed college graduates as well.

To this end, CULA in featuring its MLK Multiversity, also aims to:

  • Promote world peace and happiness through grassroots education.
  • Explore living in community, social justice, sustainable lifestyles, alternative healing, regenerative livelihoods, social entrepreneurship, anti-racialism, Ma'at (which is "The Golden Rule" on steroids!)
  • We are co-creating to amplify the impact and unleash more possibilities for advancing consciousness and the well-being of life on the planet.
  • Transform the unsustainable and unjust economic, political and social systems and mindsets -- especially racialism -- that dominate the planet.

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