California education code: exempt from rules & regs. Verification of Exemption 94874(f) "Pursuant to CEC 94874.7, an exempt institution is not required to obtain a verification of exemption.... Further, in order to be eligible for either an exemption or an approval, an institution must...have an operational plan in place that would qualify them as a 'private postsecondary educational institution' (as contained in CEC 94858)." This school does not receive State or Federal aid (WIA, ETPL, etc.) CULA does not offer any academic program which requires approval of any governmental or private agency. However, to the extent practical, CULA provides "verification or apostille" services for academic alumni and for school of law students (previously approved by the committee of bar examiners in California). Transcripts are issued at a small service fee and an Annual Records Maintenance Fee of $1/mo. [ARMF/tm] is accessed since graduation. Services provided herein, as well as others, are offered to afford appropriate opportunities especially to now retired persons who 'dropped out' of or never truly entered a desirable educational process, no matter where in the world they are domiciled. Yet, these individuals cultivated varied skills and competences through daily living and learning. Some of you are "baby boomers," having completed "all but the dissertation," to have satisfied the requirements. Now, you can now enjoy studying and learning without stress and anguish. Now you can enjoy studying, compiling, organizing, and writing what you think should be written. And, you can keep it simple! And keep it a fun project. Thus, we arrive at the motto: "A worldwide university for accomplished individuals." We believe in you; and we look forward to assisting you to achieve your personal educational objective...for your own reason or reasons. And, CULA respects your choice to reward yourself by continuing organized and guided study along lines of your own choosing. Creative programs can be completed in the shortest possible time. These recreational and vocational programs are intended for those leaving the work force and are now studying and learning to achieve personal goals and private satisfaction. We welcome you to CULA. Join the band of life-long learners who are enjoying their lives like they never did before. Apply today, because every day matters! Do something for you, because life from here to eternity is about YOU.... CULA welcomes you. Go to "Enroll" and click on "Enroll." It's just that simple.